Bianca Cordova started her college career with high hopes of becoming a professional photographer. Doomed with the “Not Good Enough” syndrome common amongst artists, she chose instead to earn a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is now a professional photographer. She is a firm believer in capturing people “as they are” and believes that all people look interesting and beautiful. In addition to her freelance work for Fine Living Lancaster for the past five years, she has been photographing families, couples, weddings, and seniors for eight years.

Bianca lives in a home full of embraced chaos that she shares with her husband Josh, their four children, three cats, and a dog that is slowly learning to stop chewing on Legos. When she isn’t documenting people being awesome, you can find her volunteering at her kids’ school, working with the South West Leadership Board as the Education Chair, being obsessed with her PTO, and wishing she could live on grilled cheese sandwiches and mashed potatoes.