The Jig is Up. The News is Out: Making Revelo Magazine a Reality

Dream a Little Dream

It has always been important to me to use Espial Design Group as a means to fulfill our dreams. Prior to our first official meeting, I asked our team to come prepared with projects that they have always wanted to be a part of. They enthusiastically arrived, armed with ideas to pitch, and together we devised ways to make those dream projects a reality. Among the most compelling topics were photographing everyday people and video documentaries. At some point that weekday morning, one team member asked, “so, are we done with publications?”Read More

Todd Geiger: Account Manager

Inspiration comes to me in many shapes and forms. I could look at anything and get inspired in one way or another. The world we live in is an amazing place! Here are a few of my kick-starters for creativity:Read More

Espial Design Group and the Great Wide Search for Inspiration

Comic via Verbal Vomit on Facebook

Not all creative people are created equally. For some, finding artsy inspiration comes from exploring the visual triumphs of like-minded people, while others prefer solitude and a killer music soundtrack. Either way, our multi-media guru, Chris Ruch, said it best in one of his recent social media posts…

“Creating often involves thinking, waiting, anguishing, observing, researching… many things other than actually “making”… but they all play a part. When you hire an artist, designer, musician, writer, etc.… you are paying for their experience… everything they’ve learned, observed, read, thought, and have done plays a part in making your project shine.”

So, how does one encourage the creative bug to take a nibble? We’re polling our highly dedicated staff of visual magicians and asked them how they get inspired. Here’s the first post of our series, stay tuned for more!Read More

It Pays to be the Funny Guy: The Power of Humor in Advertising

With the inevitable doom and gloom that surrounds the world, humor is a tool that often keeps one from leaping off of the proverbial bridge. In advertising, it becomes a way to engage the audience to keep coming back for more. What better way to push a product to a specific demographic than to give a little love tap to the funny bone?Read More

Invaluable Knowledge: A Journey of Discovery with Greg Orth of Sandler Training®

Walking into Sandler Training®’s Foundation Program for the first time, I was nervous. Would I have to speak in front of people? Would we be broken into groups and forced to work with strangers? What if I answered questions incorrectly? After that first class, I found out that I only have my DISC style to blame for these over-analytical woes and luckily my worried mind was quickly put to ease.Read More

Darn this Door!: “Norman Doors” and the Frustration of Form over Function

Let’s talk about doors.

In 2007 I purchased a Honda Element after falling in love with the versatility of their design. They are the Transformer of vehicles—incredibly spacious, each seat folds completely flat for sleeping purposes, the back seats fold up to the sides for hauling or can easily be removed by one person for even more room, the plastic floors and water resistant upholstery is convenient for mess, and they offer countless aftermarket parts for just about any situation. Needless to say, the Element is the ultimate travel car. The plan was to drive mine until it parishes to the great junkyard in the sky (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen any time soon) and then purchase a new one. Much to my disappointment, Honda discontinued the Element in 2011. 😭Read More

Title Sequences

Picture yourself settling in for the evening, remote in hand, anxiously awaiting the beginning of your favorite program. You know the theme song by heart. Anticipation builds as the opening credits roll across the screen. If you are patient enough to avoid skipping through those credits, you may just catch a glimpse of pure genius.Read More

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Whether you have started a brand new business or your current business is in need of a good old refreshing, there is one thing that is abundantly important… image is everything. Branding your business takes time and careful consideration in order to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. Read More