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Espial Style: Ashley

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Watch our behind the scenes video!

Photography: Bianca Cordova
Videography: Chris Ruch
Art Direction: Katerina Kuss
Fashion: That Shuu Girl
Hair and Makeup: Anna Cecchi Smith of RV’s Hair Graphics & Day Spa
Model: Ashley Lorraine Velez

Before our first meeting as Espial Design Group, the team was asked to arrive prepared with dream projects that they would like to work on. More fashion shoots were at the top of everyone’s list. We also loved the idea of incorporating video of the process by our multimedia guru, Chris Ruch to further the visual experience. Having worked together in the past conceptualizing, photographing, and recording video of models and fashion, it was only natural for us to crave similar opportunities. There’s something about fashion and art that fits together just right.

After that meeting, everything fell into place perfectly by using our resources and handpicking a model, fashion, salon, and location.

The Model: The stunning Ashley Velez had worked with photographer Bianca Cordova and art director Katerina Kuss during a pre-Espial photo session and was an easy match for the Bohemian-style shoot. Oh, by the way, not only is she drop-dead gorgeous and can work a camera like no body’s business, she is also a very talented artist. When she is not posing in front of the lens or working at Lancaster Brewing Company, Ashley spends her time drawing and painting masterpieces.

The Fashion: That Shuu Girl Boutique is located at 147 East King Street in Lancaster, PA and is owned by the fabulous fashionista, Nicole Vasquez. Determined to provide a unique shopping experience for the downtown area, Nicole provides stellar customer service for women’s fashion trends in a comfortable, laid back atmosphere. The boutique also offers super cool accessories like colorful handbags, sunglasses, and a wide variety of jewelry that add the perfect pop to her unique line of affordable clothing.

The Salon: Espial Design Group’s account executive, Todd Geiger, has been visiting RV’s Hair Graphics & Day Spa for around a year and absolutely loves the jovial group of stylists. Based at 395 East Roseville Road in Lancaster, the stylish salon has a professional and experienced staff placed in a comfortable atmosphere. Hair and makeup stylist, Anna Cecchi Smith knocked us out with her silver Oxford shoes, channeled her funky and fun persona, and nailed our vision by transforming Ashley into a Bohemian goddess.

The Location: The breathtaking backdrop for the shoot is a cabin-style home tucked away in the back (and we mean wayyyy back) roads of New Providence. Lucky enough to be friends with the renters, we eagerly made the 25-minute drive outside of the city and were greeted with rolling hills, trees, pristine landscaping, a wood pile, and so many hidden structural gems that we could not even begin to list them all. The perfect sunny day, tranquil surroundings, and refreshing iced-tea waiting for us in the fridge made it extremely difficult to return to our typical urban setting.

We hope you have enjoyed the fruits of our labor. However, Espial is not finished scratching our fashion shoot itch! We believe that other talented stylists and fashion boutiques deserve the opportunity to show off their skills and clothing trends with a shoot of their very own. Why not stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind visual experience to maximize your impact on existing and potential clients? We would love to create a custom shoot for you! Find out how to “wow” your audience with a photo/video package from Espial Design Group.