Invaluable Knowledge: A Journey of Discovery with Greg Orth of Sandler Training®

Walking into Sandler Training®’s Foundation Program for the first time, I was nervous. Would I have to speak in front of people? Would we be broken into groups and forced to work with strangers? What if I answered questions incorrectly? After that first class, I found out that I only have my DISC style to blame for these over-analytical woes and luckily my worried mind was quickly put to ease.

Sandler Training® of Lancaster, run by Greg Orth, is a unique and powerful program designed to provide training solutions to salespeople, managers, and entrepreneurs. It teaches the importance of clear communication through learning and adapting to others personality preferences within an assessment called DISC.

Once a DISC style is identified, Greg directs his class through a clear and methodical system designed to streamline the selling process while building trust, confidence, and a solid plan of communication. This plan of communication not only translates between businesses and their clients, it goes beyond a sales tactic to include day-to-day interactions with co-workers, employees, and even friends and families.

Greg takes the time to really understand the challenges of your individual business and provides one-on-one coaching in order to overcome common obstacles that are unique to your field. He provides patient understanding and coaching, all the while relating it back to the Sandler Training® method.

So what was my take away from Sandler Training®’s Foundations Program? Simply put, the information is invaluable. It is more than just sales training, but instead a retraining of our brains regarding our awareness and sensitivity of others. Think of it almost like a psychology class—which in turn makes it not only informational but also enjoyable. Greg’s classes are not your typical business-driven, dry, and stuffy sales training, but rather fun, informative, and an even balance of systematical planning and real life application.

Curious as to how Sandler Training® can help you? Do yourself and your business a favor and contact Greg Orth to begin your own invaluable journey.

Greg Orth
Sandler Training®