Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Whether you have started a brand new business or your current business is in need of a good old refreshing, there is one thing that is abundantly important… image is everything. Branding your business takes time and careful consideration in order to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. Below are suggestions for business owners in order to achieve the biggest bang for your advertising bucks.

Develop Your Brand

Branding typically refers to how your business will look to potential customers. After deciding on your business name, your brand should continue with a solid, eye-catching logo that reflects the feel of your company. Obviously if you own a salon, you want your logo to appeal to an audience searching for your company’s specific offerings. Does your salon offer high-end services and specialize in color? Great! Your logo should reflect the quality you provide which means hiring a design group to develop and design your branding is an absolute must. Skimping on a professional looking logo to represent your company could cost you customers in the long run. Because remember, image is everything.

Beyond the logo (which sets the stage for the rest of your advertising), signage, a website, and any appropriate printed materials should mimic and compliment the look of your logo. Branding is all about consistency so once a professional designer has created a logo for you, it is smart to base the rest of your materials on the feel of that logo in order to maximize the impact of the design package. For example: you wouldn’t buy a Victorian mansion and fill it with furniture from the 1970s right? That would be just silly. So would having a mismatched brand.

Making sure your brand is exactly how you want to represent your company means taking the time to clearly communicate with your designers. The more information you provide to your creative team of professionals, the more likely you are to be blown away by the results. Which is, of course, our goal! We love to hear your ideas, and showing us your true passion for your company gets our creative juices flowing. Tell us your ideas, show us examples, and let us know what works for you, or what is not what you had in mind. Feedback is key to making sure you are pleased in the long run since your brand should last for years to come.

Is your business in need of a solid branding plan? Contact us at info@espialdesigngroup.com and let us know how we can help you put your best foot forward.