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Stepping into the Darkness:
Building the Fête en Noire Marketing Campaign

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The popular summer gala, Fête en Blanc, has grown exponentially into the “it” party of the year. The event is organized by Joe Hess with his committee of enthusiastic individuals and business owners who contribute in masterminding the staple-mark affair. Guests enter the pop-up location in Lancaster (which changes each year) in white fashion armed with their own food, drink, tables, chairs, and place settings for a lively experience that is free to enter for those who have requested an invitation and obtained tickets. Beyond having fun, the purpose of Fête en Blanc is to bond our local community and contribute to charitable causes through donation.

The team at Espial Design Group was thrilled when approached with the opportunity to devise a marketing campaign for Joe’s latest conception, Fête en Noire. The goal for the new “party in black” was to pull party-goers from winter hibernation for a night of mystery, intrigue, and subtle sexy tones while giving back to charity and helping to offset the ever growing costs of the popular summer event. Taking place at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Fête en Noire promised to entertain their audience with out-of-the-box performers, a live art auction with pieces by local artists, appetizers from nine different vendors, and a full bar.

To market the event, we devised a visual plan that enlisted model Ashley Velez as the face of the Fête en Noire campaign. With Ashley on board, we called up Revelo advertiser, John Spidaliere of Lanc Living, for a location for our video and photo shoot. John delivered with a stunning, vacant home on East King Street and on a day in November we began setting up our 5-hour-session with a number of playful props. Finch Jewelers and Nicole Taylor Boutique decked out Ashley in their wears and thus our creative vision came to life.

After photo and video edits had their final stamp of approval, the team took the campaign online to unveil the Fête en Noire announcement to the public. The response was incredible. Throughout the campaign, inquiries, sponsorship requests, and posts of excitement came flooding in. The buzz that was created helped to sell out the four ticketed time slots within 30 seconds each!

It has been an honor to work with Joe and the Fête committee to make Fête en Noire a reality and success. The new friends that we have made along the way have, for us, exceeded the goal of warming the cold winter months. We look forward to another spectacular party at this year’s Fête en Blanc!

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