Espial Design Group and the Great Wide Search for Inspiration

Comic via Verbal Vomit on Facebook

Not all creative people are created equally. For some, finding artsy inspiration comes from exploring the visual triumphs of like-minded people, while others prefer solitude and a killer music soundtrack. Either way, our multi-media guru, Chris Ruch, said it best in one of his recent social media posts…

“Creating often involves thinking, waiting, anguishing, observing, researching… many things other than actually “making”… but they all play a part. When you hire an artist, designer, musician, writer, etc.… you are paying for their experience… everything they’ve learned, observed, read, thought, and have done plays a part in making your project shine.”

So, how does one encourage the creative bug to take a nibble? We’re polling our highly dedicated staff of visual magicians and asked them how they get inspired. Here’s the first post of our series, stay tuned for more!

Katerina Kuss
(Creative Director)

I recently found an old journal that I had kept during my time in art school. It included an entry about my search for a summer internship in order to better my future career and build my portfolio. The entry made me think…Whew! I’ve been at this whole designing thing for quite some time! That is a lot of ideas throughout the years. Ok, I’m going to show my age but I will go ahead and tell you that it was from 2000. Since then, I have learned a lot about myself, my work habits, and what I need to do to keep the creative juices flowing.

1. Walk Away from the Computer:

Sometimes staring at a blank document on a screen and expecting ideas to jump onto the page is nothing less than maddening. Once I do release the chains that bind me to my desk chair, I have some options. Those options often include clearing my head by exploring nature. My love of plants and gardening make it easy to spend a couple of hours in my backyard pulling weeds or digging in the dirt. Taking a hike is another favored activity. The vibrant hues of flowers and foliage tend to aid in color, shape, and compositional decisions when I do return to the glowing box.

2. Surround Myself with Other Creative People:

If you’re like me, surrounding yourself with like-minded artists tend to spark a few ideas of your own. Beyond gathering with our Espial team, I am lucky enough to live with a tiny, budding artist. Our 9-year-old creates constantly and without the crippling over-thinking and hesitation us “adults” have. Give him a handful of bottle caps or ball of yarn and he will make something out of them in minutes. A pad of paper or canvas becomes his playground for hours. His lack of self-criticism inspires me to “just do it” by letting the creativity flow before trying to decipher it.

3. Enjoy a Glass of Red Wine:

Okay, okay, before you go signing me up for AA meetings, hear me out. I am a firm believer that there is something in red wine that pushes the inspirational button—in me anyway. One, (I repeat, ONE) glass of vino brings focus and clarity, thus blocking out the dishes that need done downstairs and allowing me to concentrate on the task at hand. This advice comes with a warning though: if you do happen to pour glass number two, you’ll start dancing around your office to Jay-Z in a flower crown and Facebook stalking people rather than working. So stick to one. I have warned you.